Welcome to James Sheahan Catholic High School

A hope filled place. Located in Orange NSW our students experience a community that looks to the future with hope. Our time at James Sheahan gives us the skills and confidence to challenge ourselves and those around us to be the people that God dreams us to be. As John Baptist De La Salle, one of our patrons, said, 'Be assured that the more you devote yourself to prayer, the more you will also do well in your work.' James Sheahan Catholic High School is a learning community inspired by the traditions of our founders Catherine McAuley and John Baptist de La Salle. In our goal to achieve high levels of learning for all students, we provide opportunities for excellence, growth and success in a caring environment. Valuing compassion, courage and hope, our students will be prepared for a changing world. Our motto - Semper Paratus meaning 'always prepared' is symbolic of hope, the prophetic virtue.

General News and Updates

Presentation Assemblies - Thursday 28 July 2016 in Mercy Hall
Year 9 - Period 2 commencing at 10:00am
Year 8 - Period 3 commencing at 11:05am
Year 10 - Period 4 commencing at 12:00pm
Year 7 - Period 5 commencing at 1:30pm
Year 11 - Period 6 commencing at 2:20pm

CEO Leadership Framework
Year 7 to 12 Textbook Lists
Canteen Price list (Updated February 2016)
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Excursion - Information only

Coast to Coast Rugby Union Orange 26 July 2016
Marianne Murphy Shield - Netball Orange 28 July 2016
PDHPE - Orange Central Fitness 27 July 2016
PDHPE - Orange Central Fitness 29 July 2016
4th Round CHESS Orange 29 July 2016
Sydney Dance Company Workshop Orange 29 July 2016
Yr 8 Maths Problem Solving Workshop - Orange 29 July 2016
EEC Various Childcare Centres Orange 29 July, 26 August 2016
National Sheep Show - Dubbo 23 August 2016
Studies of Religion - Sydney/Wollogong - 11 August 2016
Dio Athletics Carnival
- Dubbo - 17 August 2016
All Breeds Heifer Show PERMISSION - Dubbo 2-4 September 2016
All Breeds Heifer Show ENTRY - 2-4 Sep 2016 (Entries Close 30 July 2016)
Yr 7 Japanese - TAIKO Drumming Orange 15 September 2016
Yr 8 to Yr 11 - Taiko Drumming Orange - 15 September 2016
Yr 12 - Multi permission note - FACTS Day, Graduation Week Activities

About us

James Sheahan Catholic High School proudly serves families in the Orange region by providing a quality Catholic education for students in Years 7 - 12. Our heritage is characterised by the founding charisms of the de La Salle Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy. Our school opened in 1980 as a modern coeducational high school and was named after Monsignor James Sheahan who had served the community of Orange for nearly 50 years. Sheahan was recognised as a dedicated Priest by the whole community. He contributed significantly to the development of the city by his building of schools and Churches. We work in close union with our Parish Priest, Father Garry, who provides opportunities for the celebration of the Eucharist and contributes in many ways to the faith development of our students, staff and parent community. In addition to celebrating the Mass for significant school and Church events, Father Garry offers reconciliation to all students in the Season of Lent as well as joining us for student retreat programs. Liturgy and prayer is fundamental to James Sheahan’s sense of Catholic community. The students’ spiritual development is a shared responsibility of the Parish Priest, Principal, staff and parents. All students at James Sheahan attend Religious Education classes throughout their time at the school. Our junior school students follow the Diocesan “The Christ We Proclaim” program whilst senior students have the option of studying 1 or 2 unit Studies of Religion or the Board Endorsed Religious Studies course. At JSCHS, academic results are only one measure of achievement. As a Catholic coeducational institution our goal is for each student to achieve their personal best. In offering a broad and balanced education, our students gain the confidence and the skills to develop their talents and strengths as emotionally intelligent leaders.